Friday, August 17, 2007

+*+soMe tReaSures+*+

My 2 current projest... Both on the way to completion. I finished all the crochet and sewed together all the blocks on my Larger than life bag.. I have my fabric for the lining and right after I finish this post I will get right to it... Next is the Ribbed baby jacket at just about the 1/2 point. I have six more rows to knit then I can separate it for the front opening... (that's the sweater back and most of the sleeves in the picture)...btw I'm using lion brand cotton ease for the baby sweater.

I've been cleaning out some closets lately and came across a box of old knits that I have put aside for one reason or another.. The first one is the first shawl that I crocheted... umm.. it's so old that I think u can call it vintage by now.. 0.0... Next is a jeremy fisher sweater..probably finished in the 80's sometime...a crocheted little girls flower sweater finished in the early 90's.. a gray tree pullover that I believe is an old phildar pattern knit for a little boy.. also from the 80'.. a little girls kitty face sweater maybe from the 90's.. this one might be from phildar also.. well those are some of my small treasures. I will continue to store them away in a safe place.. I'm really pleased that all are in good condition and actually wearable...well back to cleaning out the closet and sewing together the bag lining.. (^_^) (click to see a larger picture)

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lindsay said...

The ribbed baby jacket looks adorable! I can't wait to see it all finished.

BTW, i found your little mini tutorials for the pinwheel sweater extremely helpful! Do you mind if I post links to them on my blog when I finish my sweater (today hopefully) and post the FOs? I know a lot of people have problems with the armholes and the i-cord.