Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've had this big puffy ball of roving for quit awhile...I had bid on 2 different colors on ebay and this was the color that was my second choice.. I didn't win the color I really wanted and so put this aside.. I also had to finish spinning a skein of sock yarn first... there was such a little bit left to do.. I finally got around to doing this the other day and was happy when I ended up with 300 yards..!!!.. that would be the swimming pool blue skein below..

Some times when I spin this kind of roving I separate the strips of color.. but I didn't like the effect..It sort of had the muted candy cane look.. so I'm teasing it pretty thin right from the ball and trying to blend it as much as possible and I like it more.. I'm thinking now that if I get enough yardage out of this roving... someday... I might want to try making the swallowtail shawl with it..... well it's nice to have dreams.. hehehe

Swimming pool blue.. 300 yards.. and yay.. finally finished..!!

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