Wednesday, June 18, 2008

various projects..

I wanted to either make more booties or a rattle of sorts.. to complete my baby gift.. I opted for the rattle since it's hot in Florida and booties probably wont get much use.. The pattern is from crochet today.. the may/june issue and it's called tiny teddies... I used the left over silk from the booties for the ears, arms and legs.. and filled a small plastic egg with a few beads and stuffed it in the head so it would rattle...

I've been hunting around for a shawl pin lately and they are terribly expensive... so I decided to make my own.. and I like it.. I'm actually making a few and will be selling these and the stitch markers below on etsy.. now that I finished all that... back to my geisha socks.. I'm on the toes now.. and hope to finish these by tonight some time and cast on my project in waiting.. (^-^)

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Yuliana said...

Hey, I've been looking for shawl pin too. The one that I bought was too big :(
Let me know if you open an etsy store, I'm really interested in the shawl pin in the pic.
Cute teddy by the way :)