Monday, June 16, 2008

no knitting!!

No knitting has been finished.. but I have been spinning a little here and there. I finished one skein of the pink/gray fleece. It has a little bit of mohair in it and ended up being very light and airy.. what I didn't like about it .... it's so similar to the yarn that I used to knit the shawl in the picture.. and i was thinking of using it for the swallowtail shawl.. but now I'm not sure.. the one skein has 290 yards and the ball of fleece is still very big.. so I think I will continue spinning this for the summer and see how many yards I can get out of it before I decide what I will use it for.. well off to work for me.. I hope that KIP was a success and all had fun.. I was there in spirit.. (^_^)...[I made myself a shawl pin and will be selling more of the same on in the very near future.. very near]

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