Tuesday, February 10, 2009

knit, sew , block.... wait

For some strange reason unknown to me.. I had this past Sunday off.. So.. I did the usual day off stuff...laundry.. tidying up here and there.. and of course knitting... it was the home stretch for getting this sweater finished.... I ended up actually working on the sweater pretty late in the day because our internet has been pretty horrible and I spent a good part of the day trying to figure out if it is the router or the internet... My conclusion.. it's both. The router is leaking a little of the signal so when the internet signal drops... it really drops. I think there is some kind of problem because while I was at work yesterday my daughter said the internet was down for an hour or so.. What ever the problem was.. there is not much difference today from the normal slow laggy signal. I'm thinking of changing to comcast .. but some people were saying comcast was pretty bad too..So we are just going to buy a new router as soon as we are able to scrape together some pennies and see it that helps.

Back to knitting.. as I said before I didn't really start knitting until late in the day. At this point I had both sleeves and the body knit and was working on the yoke and raglan decreases.. This went surprisingly fast on size 17 needles and bulky yarn. I thought this sweater was going to be real stiff and heavy, but it's not.. It's soft and pretty light and knitting the lace on such large needles was fun and gave the lace a puffy feeling.. I was intent on finishing the sweater that night and ended up going to sleep after 2 am.. but.. it was done.

Here it is unblocked.. ( don't ask me where this underline came from)

Yay.. washed and blocked.. drying under the fan. I wanted buttons that had leaves on them. I don't know why.. anyway I found some at Michaels on the way home from work yesterday. They really aren't the color I wanted but I think they will work.

Shopping on a budget ... I bought this shirt for $3.99 but someone enlarged (tore) the button hole a bit. A needle and thread and a few stitches fixed that right up..


Anonymous said...

your coat is gorgeous! i love the look of the lace done in bulky yarn.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thanks..I wore it tonight and it's so comfy.!!