Saturday, February 07, 2009

one sleeve down.. one to go

My progress on the raglan jacket: I stopped at this point to think about adding the last 1" that the pattern calls for on the sleeve. I'm really petite so the extra inch might make them too long..This will be the length that all will be attached for the upper body of the sweater. I'm loving this sweater so far and I hope it gets cold again so I can wear it..!!
Note: I didn't need to make double pointed needles after all to knit the sleeves.. My circular needle was long enough to use the magic loop method.

Thank you SagePixie and cousin Peter for your advice about the plastic on the windows. Our weather here is rarely that cold and it's going to be 72 degrees today and will hit 80 sometime next week. We were having a cold front.. and since I'm so used to the hot weather... anything below 50 degrees feels bitter to us down here... Two nights ago it went do into the 30's and I saw someone running around in shorts in the parking lot of the grocery store.. Mean while.. I had on a hat and scarf.. so I probably wont apply plastic to the windows.. I probably would if it stayed cold for longer periods of time... All this made me think that.. if cold air is leaking in that would mean that the hot air is leaking in too.. the plastic would probably melt right off the windows in the summer here though.

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