Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Progress on the cropped turtleneck... one sleeve finished and the top portion of the body.. I just started knitting in the round again for the second sleeve..It's not good to knit when you are tired. I totally missed a little paragraph in the pattern and added some stitches where I thought they should be for the center cable... woke up this morning and re-read the pattern and noticed the missed paragraph.. ooopsy.. so I need to rip out to the where the neck ends and I start knitting the sleeve in the round again.. this time adding the 2 extra stitches where they belong.. guess I'll do that now.. 0.0

Last night I went to the INOKissimmee knitting meeting..We had 3 new visiters.. One person learning to knit.. one just recently learned to knit (she was knitting like a pro already) and one that just learned to crochet.. it is so nice when people learn a new craft and are enthusiastic. It makes me feel all enthusiastic again..I'm so glad for knitting groups.. it's great to have a place to share and learn and enjoy knitting together . (^_^)


Bonnie said...

Sorry you have to rip back - but it's looking really pretty!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thanks. It's a big heavy for Florida. I have to finish it fast so my daughter can wear it.!!