Friday, May 21, 2010

crochet mystery

I started this project a week or so ago and this is what I have been working on when I can't work on my lace. It takes less concentration than knitting lace. I must crochet weird because I seem to need to change hook sizes when I change stitch patterns. I just started the mess stitch and it was so much smaller than the rest of the piece so I ripped it out and went up a hook size. It's a little better but is still pulling in. Width wise the fit is perfect but it seems to be a little short. I notice in the picture that the mess portion seems so much bigger than mine looks. I might have to rip it out again and go up another hook size.
I'm just about ready to run out for the day. Today is the day I set aside for picking up all the little things I need for my trip like toiletries and of course snacks. I have my music and knitting projects already. I'm still not sure of what to wear there. It's very warm during the day but gets chilly in the evenings. And of course I have to decide on foot wear. I'm only bringing a carry on and need to fit everything including shoes in there. I will probably wear my Steve Madden cowboy boots on the trip because believe it or not they are super comfy.
I'm off and running!!


Bonnie said...

The mystery crochet is beautiful! Have a great trip and enjoy yourself!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

thanks Bonnie!1 (^_^)