Monday, May 10, 2010

to knit or not to knit

My Gail is coming along very slowly. I'm on the 3rd repeat. As I knit I keep smelling this perfume smell and I don't know where it was coming from. I hadn't noticed any smell from the yarn before I started knitting. But I smelled it today and it smells like dryer sheets. Very strongly like dryer sheets. I hope the smell goes away because its not a very nice smell. I have never been fond of that dryer sheet smell. I'm also starting to think the yarn is too busy for this pretty pattern and the pattern is totally getting lost in all the colors. For some reason I hadn't pictured the yarn knitting up like this. As you can also see I decided to just knit the double yarn overs in the center of the shawl. While I think about what I want to do.. to knit or not to knit.. I'll work on my crochet cardigan for a while. I will be going to visit my Dad in a couple of weeks and the only flight I could get is a 7 1/2 hour trip. That means I have to pack some small knitting or crochet projects with me for the plane ride and for my stay. There is no internet there .. omy... I might get a lot of knitting done..!!

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Yuliana said...

I think the color is too busy for the pattern too. Based on the yarn color, it seems better on simpler shawl pattern or one with ripples effect.