Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday knitting progress

 I had the day off today and besides the usual laundry, dishes and what not.. I worked on my knitting. The top picture is the Wild Thing sweater. Body and sleeves are finished, sleeve sewn in and I sewed one side up. I took a break from that for a little because that was a lot sewing. I might work on that some more tonight.
 I actually started this little wrist warmer about a week ago and have been picking it up here and there. I finished one and you can see it in the picture at the botton of the page. The name of the pattern is Elf Clobber. I liked it because it is worked in both knit and crochet. There is a finer yarn inside that pops out the top. For that I used some very old stash yarn that has lost the label. I believe it is a Phildar yarn of some sort. As you can see I'm making these to go with the Stiller infinity scarf. Now I need to make the second one.
 Ok.. I'm obsessed with this little Foxy scarf. I started to crochet the head by looking at a picture and then decided to experiment with the body of the scarf on the knitting machine. It was a little tricky and I had to rip it out in a few places and rework it. Finally it started to look good and I finished the body part on the machine, did the tail decreases by hand and then sewed up the very long side seem.. shew.. too much sewing today. All that is left are the legs. I'm debating on making them on the machine and sewing up the seams or crocheting them for more texture. I'll think that over tonight and of course he needs ears. Tomorrow we are going out to look at the ginger bread houses at Disney and I'll bring some projects along to work on in the car. For now I'm taking a knitting break haha.


Delusional Knitter said...

Oh the fox is coming out great!! Love those mitts, they go very well with the scarf.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thanks D-knitter. I can't wait to finish it now. I started working on the legs already.