Wednesday, January 11, 2012

peacock x 2

 Ok... I really love this pattern. The name is Peacock and as usual I found it on ravelry. The green one is for my son and was made with the left over yarn from the Cabled Cowl. The other is for his friend who would probably appreciate a nice wool hat. He works on the ships in Alaska. brrrr. Any way this is a fast and fun project. Both are off the needles and have been washed and already to ship to Washington state.

 Micah in his Brobee hoodie. He loves it.. and the fit was perfect. Today I have to pick out some new projects to knit from my knitting queue. It's always fun to start a new project. I also took out the sewing machine today to hem some curtains for the kitchen area. Tomorrow it's back to work.

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