Tuesday, January 24, 2012

today I'm....

 Before the holidays I was working  on core spun art yarns. The 3 you see in the picture is the result. I added silk ribbons, sequence, lace and embroidery threads to the yarn.   They are really pretty.. but I have a problem as to what to do with them.. I guess just look at them and admire.. 0.o.
 Even so... I am going to work on more just because.... they are so fun to make. In a few days I'll post the results. Last night I spun a pretty little spiral skein with sequence and ribbons and will post that as well.
 Ok.. This is what happens when you work at a shoe store and stuff goes on sale. I love all my handbags and boots and use them all!!. I haven't wore the little zebra heals yet... but I will the first chance I get.. !!

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