Friday, September 15, 2006

aSsEmBly ReqUirEd

Yay!! it's done...I don't think I can call it the big ugly anymore... it's no longer big and not really ugly .. just a bit wierd.. hehehe...The flowers are....not what I expected but I used them anyway.. Each one was hand tacked to the bag with sewing thread. I also had to steam each flower after they were felted so the pedals would curl..and I had to pin each pedal into a curl until they dried. Hopefully their shape will hold up in the hot humid florida weather..

The new knitty is out.. and there really wasn't anything that made me say.. wow.. I need to make that right now.. although there are a couple patterns that caught my eye .. intolerable cruelty.. and tamarah..but neither pattern is on my list if things to be knit right now..they are nice to look at..

in the picture above there is a little hot pink bootie...more assembly was required for that.. the knitting part was very easy and fast but the sewing part was a bit more intensive for such a little item. the sole is knit separate and has to be sew together with the foot part stitch by stitch..but since it is so small it wasn't bad.... well I'm off to knit and sew up bootie #2 and decide on which little hat I want to make to match it..
everyone have a happy knitting day.. (^_^)


m. said...

It is astonishing to me that the big ugly turned into such a managable-sized pretty. Great job!

Jerry Tjiputra said...

Beautiful bag!
Great job. I love the flowers, they are unique