Wednesday, September 13, 2006

nOt sO biG.. oR uGly

Here are some pre-felted flowers... I decided to felt the flowers and the purse separately and I'm very glad that I did...and this is the reason.. the yarn I used for the purse shed a very large amount of fibers in the washing machine... I think the flowers would have been covered in matted fiber clumps.... I just finished felting the flowers a little bit by hand and now they are in the dryer for the rest of the process.. at this point they look nothing like the picture on the instructions..

The bag on the other hand .. did not need to be put in the dryer for additional felting.. it felted quite a bit in the washing machine and is hanging on the dinning room chairs to block and dry. Two chairs.. back to back made the perfect shape for this bag.. I'm liking the big ugly right about now.. the after felted version is looking a lot better... but .. it will probably need a hair cut before i can use it..


Brena said...

I love how the brown yarn looks felted!

Maggie said...

I think it looks awesome!