Tuesday, September 12, 2006

tHe BiG UgLy

I've been calling this the big ulgy... but after I sewed up the side seams and knitted the handles.. and started making flowers to embellish it with... its not too ugly after all.. the weird creature looking things in the left hand corner are supposed to shrink up into pretty curly flowers. I will find out very soon if this is true..each flower will get 3 green bobbles in the center.... after that i have to decide if i should felt the flowers and the bag together or.... felt the flowers separately and sew them on the bag after... so many decisions..


crafty chica said...

i like the way it is.. but once felted it will look more cute i am sure.. and ugh, the colors are nice..

Jerry Tjiputra said...

I like it the way it is, it's funny like an octopus. It's not ugly at all.