Wednesday, September 27, 2006

*+*iT's All aBoUt tHe AcCeSsoRieS*+*

It always feels good to finish projects.. here are my 2 one skein felted clutches and the one skein scarf from the happy hooker. Last night was knitting group and I was actually able to crochet almost the entire scarf the at meeting.. now that's a quick project..!!

Lots of knitting going on...many projects finished and shown.. ( i got there a little late and wasn't able to take pictures of everyones FO.). Jody had wonderful fibers to show and tell..and 2 children sweaters..

And of course here is Abigail.... wearing her alpace hand dyed lacy bolero.. she is already for the cooler autumm weather.. I guess its time to start making little mittens and hats.. (^_^)

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Brena said...

She's sooooo beautiful Adrienne!

Thanks again for helping me with my purse... I finished it on the plane last night!