Sunday, September 10, 2006

a qUiCk uP dAte...

Eve and I spent a day knitting and discussing WoW... and she brought more gifts!!!... this hot green sock yarn.. its really beautiful yarn... thank u Eve!!.. the wierd thing is .. that I seem to attract green yarn like a magnet...for some reason.. heheh..

well .. this is my current knitting project.. quite ugly i think.. but I keep knitting on.. u ask .. "what is that!!".. I will tell u.. it's going to be a felted purse.. but I used 2 different types of yarn.. and I'm not sure if it will felt at the same rate..( this is left over yarn from other projects and recycled yarn) so this purse might get even uglier.. and I didn't do a felt test swatch..eww.. but I keep knitting on..maybe after I add the flowers it will look a bit better.. (^_^)

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