Monday, September 04, 2006


So you can see the color faded into fuchsia again at the toe.. a nice ending. For footie #2 I didn't rewind my skein to the same color as my first footie but just started knitting as is.. with the colors as they were... and this is what came out...I like that they are different .. but the same..I'm at the toe now and am finishing this up as I type despite the trouble I had with the heal yesterday... for some reason I just could'nt knit it correctly.. I had to rip it it out 4 times.. how hard can it be to slip one, knit one ..I think my brain got disconnected yesterday some how.. thank God it is somewhat re-connected today..this will be Christmas present #2 finished.. yay me!!!


Linda said...

Hi, I love the different/same colours!!
Awesome knitting :-)

Jessica said...

I love the socks!