Tuesday, September 19, 2006

WiP and FO

Some of my work in progress... here is my One skein wonder... I ordered the pattern a few months ago but haven't gotten around to knitting it up until now.. how fun!!!... I'm using white caron simply soft first because i wanted a little white shrug to wear in air conditioning and second because u can purchase caron simply soft just about any where. I deviated from the pattern by adding some lacy designs ( i got these from the lacy leaf pullover pattern in loop-d-loop) and added a longer 2X2 rib on the edge of the sleeves instead of the seed stitch edging the pattern called for...so far I'm liking this..There is a KAL for this on craftster.org....although i haven't joined it... there are some really cute ones in the thread if u want to look.

The finished booties!!... I haven't found a hat pattern yet that i like to go with them... I'm still looking..

And here ... ... are 2 more clutches ready for felting. This pattern is from One skein. These were super fast to knit... this would be a good pattern to use if u needed a quick knitted gift...I used more of my old lopi yarn from the bottom of my yarn stash. Lopi shrinks up a lot.. so i will have to keep an eye on these during the felting process... I'm not trying to make doll purses... 0.0'

My mind is on christmas presents right now and thanks to nicole.. i joined socktoberfest 2206!..n
icole keeps me up to date on all the KALs...hehehe...

Hopefully a few pairs of socks will end up as Christmas presents... this one " Thuja" is on my list at the moment..it seems like a good guy sock..

and of course this---->

I'm going to make some booties and hats for Project Cope.. a school for pregnant teens... most of these girls can't afford much.. so anything would be greatly appreciated.. let me know if u are interested in joining me..25 teenagers are joining the already over crowded program this month.

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