Friday, September 29, 2006

Lots of pretty mohair yarn from my stash... it finally yelled out .. pick me..!!! pick me..!!! The yarn I used for the felted purse was also from my stash ..originally for an icelandic sweater... definitely not something I will be needing in florida.. as I was checking out the lionbrand web site yesterday I saw a pretty crochet half moon shawl.. I think my purple mohair will like it..

The last 2 days have been all about the hats...this is Marnie Maclean's halley's comet hat pattern that I'm working on now and I'm using mano del uruguay yarn in the blush color.. I luv the subtle changes in color.. u can't really see it in the picture.. I luv this pattern too.. it's knitting up really fast and for lace its very simple.. OMG even i can do it...!!! (my brain doesn't like lace.. it rebels) definitely will need to be blocked when its finished..

and.... my finished FO's... two hats... a baby hat and a guys hat .. or so I thought until I tried it on and it fits my little head.. so now it's a girl hat ... I broke down and bought some bernat camouflage yarn... and the pattern is from happy hooker book.... im not really a fan of this type of yarn because of the way it feels... its kind of hard.. so im thinking of going up a size hook.. to a size K ..and see if that will make if feel a little softer.. there is a whole lot of yarn left over so I'm going to make a few more beanies.. hopefully they will end up being man size..

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