Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Dads in the world.. (^_^)

Here is the green thing.. up to date.. all is done except the front edging.. I had to run to my LYS to purchase one more ball of yarn for 2 rows of single crochet.. of course... hopefully I'll finish this some time today...

This is the shrug I recently finished.. it's crocheted with 100% linen yarn which gives it wonderful drape.. I think this is my favorite shrug so far... the linen makes it perfect for Florida and just right over a tank top.. (cold air conditioned buildings)

Of course when u finish a couple of projects you start new ones.. I have joined 2 KAL's and did I cast on either of these projects.. noooo.. on a whim I started this... I'm using yarn from my stash which I add one new ball of Filatura Di Crosa Malva to tie it all together. There was some kind of mix up on the second lace pattern.. I was following the directions and getting a completely different pattern.. I ripped and did it again with the same results... so I ripped and did what I thought it should be.. instead of the shell pattern the directions were giving me.. I made more of a checker board type pattern alternating rows of 3 chain.3 double crochet and I think it looks more like the picture... my groups of double crochet aren't as tall as in the ones in the picture so maybe they used a treble stitch. Well what ever they used ... they didn't give u the correct directions.. I checked the web site and I guess the book is so new that there isn't any errata up yet for it... well anyway all seems to be working out now..

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inkberryblue said...

I love your linen shrug, adrienne!
You crochet beautifully. =]