Friday, June 08, 2007

*+*Holy Samurai Champloo..!!!!*+*

So pink!! My 4 hour baby sweater is finished but it took me way longer than 4 hours.. I must be the slowest knitter ever.. I decided to break up the pink with some black ribbons and 2 antique buttons. As this is a gift I'm sending it along with a set of pink ribbons just in case she doesn't like the black.. I like the black though...
I now have.. 3 projects cast on in various states of completion.. and .. um.. yarn for 2 more is the turtleneck tube vest from Stefanie Japel's fitted knits.. the other is crazy crochet sleeveless summer top.. I'll post pictures in a day or 2.. and ..!!!..

Holy Samurai Champloo..!!!! it's the complete set...this is a belated bday gift from my son Hui.. omg..<3...<3..<3>

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