Saturday, June 09, 2007

Humid.. hot.. rainy.. yep.. summer is right around the corner .. the storms have started.. it has been a very dry spring and we actually need the rain.. good bye warm.. breezy.. dry weather.. hello sticky heat.. (this view is from my back window.. I see this view when I'm at my computer and when I knit.. which is most of the time)

I started on some pattern swatches today .. both knit and crochet.. theyl seem to be working out for some projects I'm working on and a few I plan to start..

Today I'm working on abandoned projects.. umm .. remember the green monster.. I'm determined to finish it no matter what.. really I am..!!!

and of course to finish this shawl.. I hope to make a few pattern repeats every day.. hopefully to get this done soon too.... so that means I have to start knitting now!!!.. ttyl.. (^_^)

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