Thursday, June 14, 2007

yes.. here it is.. the green monster shrug... it's starting to develop a reptilian look... nice I'll look like some kind of lizard when I wear it.. anyway.. the bodice and bottom edging are finished and one sleeve.. so one more sleeve to go and the front edging.. hopefully I will get most of that done today...the only thing is.. it doesn't look like I'm going to have enough yarn for the front edging..which means another trip to the yarn shop.. geezzz... I'm sort of in denial about this.. so I'm going to use all the yarn up first to see if this is actually what is going to happen.. maybe the yarn will stretch a lot..and I wont have to go to the yarn shop to purchase one more ball for a couple of rows of crochet..

In the mean time I have joined 2 kals.. one is the Leaf Camisole from Knit1 magazine..
and the other is the Fitted Knits-along.. from Stefanie Japel's new book. I have the yarn for both project I plan to knit already.. and I'm still working on the boarder of my diamond shawl.. I hope to make it to Orlando Knit Wits this sunday.. hopefully I'll get some work done on the shawl. back to knitting.. all that yarn is screeming at me.. ( oo nos now I'm hearing yarn talking)

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