Saturday, June 30, 2007

I think u can see what has been going on... lot's of ripping... I just wasn't happy with how this shrug looked... there was a ridge of garter stitch in between the different pattern rows.. and the stitch pattern I was using was making the sleeves wide... so I thought about it a bit(almost half of the day yesterday was spent debating with myself) and decided what I needed to do was a vertical stitch of some kind.. some decreasing....>

More knitting.....>

peek-a-boo... umm ... where was I.. ooo.. yes.. wow.. it fits nice and comfy .. yay.. finally we are moving forward and there is actually more knitting going on then ripping..

BTW .. this is the first time that I have knit with lion brand cotton ease and I'm loving it.. the center medallion is knit with Berroco Love it and the body and sleeves are knit with cotton ease.. the yarns are very similar.. the cotton ease is a little denser I think but also has a nice drape.. they work well together.. I could make the entire shrug with either yarn.. I'm going to make this shrug again with different yarn in different colors.. In case u haven't noticed... I had originally planned to use the cotton ease for the turtleneck tank from Fitted knits.. but some people do not look good in high turtlenecks.. and I'm one of them.. so I decided to scrap that project.. and I just happened to need a yarn that was similar to the Berroco love it.. I'm knitting the sleeves on a size 8 needle so they are going pretty fast.. I have 3 balls of cotton ease .. I hope it's enough to finish.. I used almost the whole ball of love it on the medallion... I might need to run and get one more ball of the Berroco love it to finish this shrug the way I would like .. sigh..

P.S. I want to thank everyone for their nice comments and encouragement.. sometimes I think my projects get a bit muddled... so it's nice to get some feed back.. (^_^)

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Pooch said...

Beautiful work on your sweater! Ripping is a painful but necessary part of knitting, isn't it?!! I've read so many good things about Cotton Ease---I'm tempted to try it!!

Knit Happy!