Saturday, September 01, 2007

fiNisHed.. baBy..!!

Finished..!!!.. My version of the Ribbed baby jacket..I came about this after realizing that I had made a boo boo on the sleeve length.. and decided not to rip it out but to add ribbing on the sleeves to add to the length .. then.. I thought why not add a pattern instead of ribbing and make it a little more interesting.. and well .. you heard that story before.. anyway here it is.. I really like how it turned out although my knitting wasn't the best on this project..I 've been under some stress lately and it shows in my knitting..oh well..

This story isn't finished yet... there was almost a whole ball of yarn left .. and I don't need to add to the pile of stray balls on yarn in my closet.. so .. I'm making a matching hat.. here it is so far. but this is not how it's going to look when done... I tried this on a willing 2 year old and it needs to be a little bit longer .. which means .. ripping it back and adding a few more rows in between the decrease rows.. but as I was looking at the hat next to the sweater.. I did'nt really like the stripes.. in this case less is more.. so since I'm going to rip .. I might as well rip out all the pink and just make it one color.. and this is what I am going to do as soon as I finish posting this.. I will also be posting my modifications in the next couple of days with the pattern for the matching hat.. Both sweater and hat knit up pretty fast.. I made the largest size.. the smallest size will be very fast knitting.. I need to shut up now.. don't post right after u drink a large cup of cappuccino.

I think I'm going to start a movie report.. I have netflix and watch a lot of movies.. I like comedies.. romances.. documentaries..anime.. and mysteries.. I'm not fond of horror..
I have the 2 movie at a time plan.. I just watched step up and really enjoyed it.. I like dance movies too .. and kiki's delivery service an anime which was cute.. not as good as Spirited away .. but cute.. (^_^)


Alice said...

Wow... I thought this was a cute pattern before but you just made it totally irresistible!

The matching hat is darling too, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for your mods!

Eve Shepherd said...

kikis delivery service is one of my favorite movies! woo!