Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An ApPle a DaY

More autumn pictures of Abby.. she enjoyed a day of apple picking with mom and dad.. looks like she was tasting them .. humm.. which one is better... the pretty red apple or the kind of yellow apple..

Maybe the red one .. just one more taste.. (^_^)

Knitting along slowly now... I'm at the point of picking up stitches around the armhole edges .. and then the front edge of the bumble bee vest... I like to use a very long crochet hook for this because I can pick up the stitches and knit them at the same time very easily.. then just knit them off the crochet hook on to my needle on the next row.. I'm going to add a little more brown to front edges and hopefully find a nice brown zipper at Joanns. Today is my day off and you know how that is.. catching up on laundry and house cleaning.. and KNITTING!!

I needed a small project to tote around with me.. so I decided to make some toddler socks.. This is the first one.. I really didn't like the heal directions for this sock but I usually follow the directions for the first sock..I'm probably going to change it just a bit on the next ones.. This is a free pattern from lion brand and I'm knitting them with wool-ease left over from other projects... I'm finding they take very little yarn.. a good way to use up left overs... I'm sure any worsted yarn will do as long as you get the gauge and it's soft.

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Brena said...

She is so adorable! I love her hair!!!!

That's a great idea for picking up stitches!