Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Progress on my Fake-Isle hat...I've been squeezing in knitting as much as I can. There is always an adjustment when u start a new job .. my schedule varies quite a bit from week to week... so... my progress will be a little slower than usual. All in all .. I'm very pleased so far with
how this hat is coming out .. maybe it's the noro kureyon.. I'm very partial to the colors.. as u knit with it u just never know what color is going to pop out of the's like surprise knitting..!!!

movie report... We just watched cashback.. I really liked it.. kind of abstract but entertaining..we also watched secretary... it was a bit weird to me.. I'm not really into self mutilation.. I didn't hate this movie but I didn't like it that much either.. don't take my word on it.. watch it yourself..(^_^)

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