Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BlaCK cAt.. meoW

Finishing project of the day... Felted Black Cat bag from lion brand.. made with lions wool. You use 2 strands of yarn so this crochets up quickly.. it's a little thick though after felting, but cute all that same.. (^_^)
I read a lot of blogs.. although I don't comment on them all. I love to see and read about everyones projects both knit and crochet.. It's kind of like a daily knitting group. (although there is no feed back or girly/guy chat). There are so many talented knitters/crocheters out there.. making beautiful garments and items... such wonderful eye candy..!!.. I want to thank all of you for sharing the beautiful projects that u make for us all to admire.
Here are just a few of the wonderful blogs I check out in a random order...

Kathryn Ivy
Knitting Goddess
sock prĂ˜n
Chez Plum
Green apples
Yarn Harlot
Fiber star
It's a Purl, Man

Those are just a few plus the links that I have listed on my blog.. Hope u enjoy them as much as I do.

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luv2stitch said...

Hi Adrienne, I've noticed that you may read and/or link to my blog (Thanks!) and wanted to let you know that I've changed the name. It's now Sharing The Moment www.xanga.com/sharingthemoment The other name (I Stitch, Therefore I Am) was being used by cross stitchers. ;)