Sunday, October 07, 2007


I don't know why but every few rows.. I seem to drop a stitch.. I'm not sure whether its the yarn or me.. The darker color that looks gray in the picture is actually a chocolate brown with little specks of gold , red and green. .. and when I purchased the yarn I thought the gold specks would show up more.. but as I knit.. they don't seem to show up at all. Instead I'm getting a very prominent bumble bee look.. not the look I was going for.. and even when I didn't like how it was looking .. I knit on.. in denial of what I was knitting.. thinking if I knit more it would look less like a bumble bee. Anyway the back is now knit up to the underarms and I'm resigned ... I am knitting a bumble bee vest.. the end.

I whipped this up yesterday.. this is the Oversized Beret a free pattern from Lion brand. ...After reading that a few other people who had finished this hat thought it was sized a bit small ..(since I crochet a little tight) I started out with the crochet hook and yarn the pattern called for.. ... which made the beret not just over sized but giant size.. ripped that one out and started again with the next size smaller crochet it was just right until the part that fits around your head.. the brim seemed like it was getting too small.. so I went back to the larger hook for the brim of the hat.. and all seems fine now. The fit is just right.. I might sew some pretty buttons along the brim..

I teach knitting part time at Michaels craft store.. here are 3 of my student.. yes they were successful.. and excited about knitting.. .. it gives me joy when I see my students move on and start creating beautiful projects. Go ladies ... go!! ( knitting cheer)

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