Wednesday, October 03, 2007

so.. Harry Potter addicted

Yes .. I'm working my way slowly through all the Harry Potter Books.. this is book#5... and at the same time.. I'm working my way slowly through these fingerless mitts. ..I'm at the last repeat before the ribbing at the top... then it will be just finishing the thumb.. I started a new job this week as a part time cashier at Michael's craft store. .. and I'm adjusting to all the different times I have to be there.. It took me 2 days to adjust to getting up early... and for the rest of the week I go in for the evening hours. (tonight I teach beginner crochet).. lots of changes.. I'm trying to get some knitting done at the same... I have yet to make a project from charmed knits... I'm hoping to make something from the book in the near future.. so many fun projects in that book.. Dobby's socks.. house color socks, hats, scarfs and book marks..wizard's hats, Weasley sweaters.. and more.. sigh..

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Jerry said...

Beautiful half glove!
I really love the color.