Monday, October 29, 2007

Done with the uglies.. all except a zipper.. I still haven't had a chance to run to Joanns for a zipper... maybe I'll be able to get there on Friday.

I started my two-tone shrug from fitted knits.. so far so good and so far it's pretty easy and mindless knitting.. I need a bit of that every once in awhile... I'm almost done with the body and ready to start the sleeves... I've been knitting on my break at work and any spare minute that I can squeeze in.. sometimes I only knit 2 rows.. but little by little it has been adding up...

Speaking of work.... I started cashiering at Michaels craft store.. and being on the other side of the cash register on the weekends with very long lines at various times of day.. I start to see a pattern... people tend to be very careless with where they put their money.. which is a bit strange seeing as money is earned and takes quite a bit of hours to earn it.. I just thought that would make you want to keep it safe and organized.. over 90% of people that pay with either credit cards or cash have a hard time finding it.. they have to look in many different wallets and zipper compartments in purses.. or they have giant wallets with many different pockets and zippers all stuffed with all sorts of things that makes it very hard to find money or change... more than once ..while pulling out money in that sort of wallet ..wads of bills have popped out on to the counter .. which the owner seemed very unaware of ... scary... to top that off.. I had to call the person 3 or 4 times to make them aware of it.. all that searching and digging for change and bills makes the lines not move.. and I'm sure that in the rush of things people have been loosing money in the process.. (well not at my register anyway).. but maybe a good wallet and or purse cleaning is in order.. have your money and credit cards ready when u go to pay for stuff... keep money only in one wallet and stick all the other stuff.. (receipts and lists) somewhere else.. this way lines will move along a bit faster and possibly that $20 u thought u had will not have dropped out somewhere..0.0.. (just a suggestion).

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Amanda said...

when i was a cashier, i never understood people who would wait in line for 20 plus minutes bored to death, and then start writing out their checks when i finished ringing them up. i wish you the best with the upcoming holidays and dealing with all of the mean people. <3