Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July..I just finished watching the John Adams .. the HBO film last.. It put me in a very patriotic mood and it reminded me of the integrity in which our nation and government was founded.. I highly recommend it.. John Adam worked through out his life for a better government for the people.. with great sacrifice to his own life and family... I thought it interesting that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.. died on the same day ... which was the 4th of July..
While I was watching John Adams.. I was spinning away.. this skein was left over fleece from some other project some time ago.. it was dyed with kool-aid and had felted a little.. which left it a little crispy.. but I wanted to spin it up anyway... 87yds. of very light and airy medium weight yarn...

Here we have aqua girly purly.. the first skein was spun a year ago..0.0.. I guess I'm a sporadic spinner.. and the second skein was finished yesterday.. there is about 230 yards combined... and again .. I'm not sure what to do with it(time to scout around on ravelry).. possibly a scarf or shrug.. fiber content is undefined wool from the NYS fair an tensel.. it's a very soft light medium weight yarn.

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