Monday, July 14, 2008

talk fast.. !!

I have to talk fast today so to speak.. I'm still having internet issues and the repair man is due to arrive very shortly... and who knows what will happen.. so I'm blogging as fast as I can while I have my intermittent internet.. yesterday I took that trip to my LYS Sip and Knit.. that I have been postponing .. and purchased that beautiful lace yarn I have had my eye on.. plus.. 2 balls of sparkly kid mohair on sale 50% off!!!.. She has gotten a big shipment in of yarn.. and oooo my!!!.. If I had a bundle to drop I sure would have dropped it big time in there yesterday.. the veriety of sock yarn alone made me feel dizzy.. then there was the gigantic amount of Noro yarn of all kinds.. I just love noro.. and did I tell you that she has a 15% off sale every Sunday in July... sigh.. I could have dropped a bundle in there I tell you..!!! I have my eye on a few sock yarns for the next trip.. not sure when I'll be able to afford more yarn..

Here are the projects that I worked on yesterday and will be working feverishly on today.. now I'm in a rush to complete these so I can cast on that lovely lace yarn.. I'm still deciding on the shawl that I will make.. there are a few that I like.. I wanted to make the Swallow tail shawl.. but I can't seem to get that pattern down and had to rip it a few times.. I'm still thinking about trying it again...... please excuse any mistakes.. I didn't have time to proof read this.. 0.0..!!

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Bonnie said...

Good luck with the internet repair! That green mohair is so pretty. Can't wait to see what you make with it.