Tuesday, July 08, 2008

no air... no knitting!!

My air conditioner decided to stop working the other day.. it was a gradual thing.. so we sat here feeling hotter and hotter.. until my daughter said it felt really hot upstairs.. we looked at the thermostat and the little pointer was as high as it could go.. this was about 3pm in the afternoon... we called a few places and the soonest they could come out to look at it was the following morning... it was so hot.. I couldn't pick up my knitting for 2 days.. and it seemed like my brain shut down too.. I couldn't think... well the air conditioner was fixed the following afternoon and yes... it's wonderfully cool again.. and we are now horribly broke.. so much for getting that beautiful lace yarn I had my eye on at Sip and Knit.. it will have to wait..in the mean time I'm knitting again .. here is the progress..

Projects: 'vog on socks @ 65%

Razor cami @ 40%

mystery project @ 20%

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