Thursday, July 17, 2008

a little lace

I couldn't decide if I wanted the picot edging or not.. I did a little pre-try on .. and then I thought.. eh just do it..

So I did.. and I'm happy I did it!! These are my first hand spun socks.. they are soft and light almost delicate.. very comfy... I'm pretty happy with them. The pattern would probably be better suited to a solid color yarn.. it would show off the pretty little lace pattern and the eye of the partridge heal a little better... but even with the variegated yarn they are still pretty.

After much browsing on ravelry.. I decided on the Icarus Shawl for my Jojoland Harmony yarn. The reason I picked the Icarus Shawl is that most of it is almost mindless knitting .. and I kind of need some of that right now.. I'm hoping to make it with the one skein (880 yards).. I'm using a size 3 needles.. there it is in the picture.. just born.. now it has to grow... this yarn is wonderfully soft.. I can't wait for the next color to magically appear.

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