Saturday, July 12, 2008

windows update alert!!

Finished little girls poncho... I'm not happy with the color combo though. The colors looked better before they were crocheted together.. or if i had added one more row of the purple at the bottom to balance the colors maybe I would be happier with it.

Anyway.. for the last few days my internet connection was going down hill.. to the point where I would disconnect every so often.. to disconnecting every few minutes.. I called my internet provider and they were able to send a tech out in a couple of days.. mean while I put up with the disconnections.. well the tech came and checked the modem and changed some of the older fittings outside.. the internet was up and going when he left.. 30 minutes later.. disconnect.. and it started getting worse and worse.. so I called my internet provider again.. and this time a tech wouldn't be able to come until Monday... ooo my.. so in between all my disconnections.. I read my email.. and came across this.. which said if you use zone alarms.. which I do .. and you updated your windows with the KB951748 update.. you could loose internet connection.. "ding"!! ( thats the sound of enlightenment)
Anyway I did as instructed and so far I haven't lost my internet yet.. I'm even able to blog this without waiting for long periods of lag.. so if you are having internet connection problems and you recently updated your windows and use zone alarms.. this could be your problem too!!

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