Friday, July 11, 2008

oo yes I did..

I have no discipline lately.. I see something and have to make it .. right now.. I saw a little poncho pattern from the lionbrand free patterns and dug up some leftover bits of yarn and have been crocheting away.. it's taking a little longer than I anticipated.. humm.. and my other ufo's are sitting around some where...

while I was browsing .. I also spotted these cute legging... and I have to have those too.. and the shoes and mini shirt.. !! 0.0.. I will probably make the legging with a different yarn.. something without the itch factor.. wool-ease is good for gloves.. but it has a little itch factor that might be uncomfortable for leggings.. something very durable too.. I have plenty of time to look for the right yarn.. I could only wear these in the dead of winter.. well...back to my crochet and watching the thunderstorm..

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