Tuesday, July 29, 2008

progress... just a weee bit!!

One spool finished and 3 more to go.. I used 2 strips of the roving.. and will use 2 strips for each spool.. that give me to color repeats on each.. I know they wont match exactly there will be a little bit of difference in the yardage on each strip.. so I can hardly wait to ply to see whats going to happen..

Not much progress.. just a weee bit.. each row is taking longer and longer to complete and I'm on my 3rd repeat of chart 1 with 2 more repeats to go.. omy!!.. yes yes yes.. I know.. I'm knitting on horrible OLD straight metal needles.. with the sharpest points ever.. I don't think they make them that pointy anymore... the danger!!!... I LOVE them and will use them as long as the stitches will fit.. then I'll have to change to a circular... This yarn is so fine.. it's kind of a challenge just to knit with it ... for me anyway..

A little Bassa Nova to spin by.. (Samba de una nota)

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