Wednesday, June 03, 2009

catching up !!

Yesterday was a day of catching up. I went to work in the morning... after work grabbed a bite to eat at Tropical Cafe in the Loop near the DSW.. just my usual lunch of a Baja chicken pita and the Aqui berry smoothy... ran to the post office and mailed out the little sundresses and a few other gifts...mailed my router back to amazon (it was defective).. mailed my other router to a friend to get it re-programed and working properly which left me broke until pay day. Wow the prices really went up at the post office. Now I will have to rethink how many gifts I will be sending in the future. When I think about it.. I paid for the yarn... the fabric... the hours of making it... and then the SHIPPING!!!! Well dang I could have just given a nice gift card from babies r us or something or toys r us. Or better yet just order online and hope for free shipping. I walked out of the post office yesterday shocked at how much it cost to mail 3 small boxes. Well to continue .. after the post office I headed to BAM ( Books a Million) at the Loop and sat and knitted for 2 hours while waiting for my knitting group to arrive and in that time I was able to turn the heal of my sock.. find out where I added a stitch on my shawl .. fixed that and knitted 2 more rows. I must be a slow knitter because it takes me about 30 minutes to knit one row now. By the time I finished all that the ladies were starting to arrive for the knitting group. It was nice to see Jody again. She caught us up on all her wedding plans and showed us a picture of her beautiful gown.

I saved my spinning for the meeting and finished plying the rest of this yarn. I can't believe it is finally all spun up. I ended up with a total of 344 yards of sport weight yarn. Not sure what I will do with it yet.. as of now it will go into the basket with all my other handspun yarns. I'm still working on getting more even singles.. the second skein was better than the first one so I am improving a little. The puffy slubs bother me... The rest of the time was spend chatting with the girls and knitting. Jen and I stayed a little later than the others and we discussing her famous "vintage yarn" and what she should do with it and the economy and how bad it seems.

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