Friday, June 19, 2009

oo so pretty!!

Look what the mail man delivered today. It's so pretty. This is my first Turkish spindle.. I purchased this a week or so ago from the Spanish Peacock. The whorl is bloodwood and the staff part is maple. I was so excited to give it a spin.. It looks so pretty when it twirls around. It spins for a pretty long time too and is very steady.. not one wobble. You can't see it in the picture but I did get a hook.. I'm not a purist and am used to spinning with a hook.. Time for some knitting and spinning.. My goal is to knit a minimum of 4 rows a day of the icarus shawl. I would like to knit about 6 rows a day if I can. My LYS called me back and she has one more ball of JoJoland harmony for me. Yay! Nothing else interesting going on in my life right now. Lately I have just been going to work and coming home and working on my shawl.. I lead such a boring life. haha..

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sylvchezplum said...

it looks so pretty !! I got an ashford turkish spindle last winter but was quite dissapointed because it seemed so slow compared to my usual ashford student.. Plus I find it not very easy to start the rotation (I usually rub the spindle shaft along my thigh, which doesn't work with the turkish low whorl spindle).
If you have any tip, I'd be interested ! :-P