Thursday, June 25, 2009


This day has finally arrived... the Icarus shawl is off the needles. The only unhappy moment was on the last few rows the yarn turned most ugly color. All the beautiful bright colors and then that unexpected brownish pink and yellow that didn't appear anywhere else on the well.. I'm about to go to work and when I get back I'm going to wash it and block it so it will dry over night... I'm also happy that on World of Warcraft my character finally hit lvl 80 ( the highest lvl at the moment). Finishing the shawl and hitting lvl 80 seemed to take forever.. I put this poor shawl down for months and then picked it up again. I actually started it almost a year ago... I feel like I have acheived something now..
Pattern: Icarus shawl found in Interweave Knits Magazine summer 2006
Yarn: JoJoland Harmony .. variegated lace 100% merino wool
Needles: american size 3.. I started on straight pointy metal needles and near the end changed to 2 circular needles with rubber tips on one end.


m. said...

Adrienne, it's gorgeous!!! And such an accomplishment! :)

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thank you!!

Nana Mary said...

It is truly gorgeous. You mentioned at knitting last time that you might not have enough yarn to finish. Was that the case or did you have to purchase more?