Sunday, June 14, 2009

a refuge..

Watching the news lately is very disturbing. So much crime.. so many people loosing their jobs.. the cost of living rising so high... .. it can be very unsettling and harder to find good things happening any more. It seems the good is found in smaller ways these days like family.. My grandson gives me great joy and I'm glad to be able to see him every day... I think he grows bigger every day right before my eyes. My daughter has grow into a beautiful caring woman.. although it is hard for me to think of her as a woman... she will always be my little girl.. I find joy when I get to talk to my son's .. they will be my little heros forever... well they are rather big now.. I feel joy when I see a strangers act of kindness to another and the great kindness that my family has shown me in these hard times. .. I find comfort in knitting and spinning. It's soothing and I find pride in each achievement and joy every time I sit with other knitters and spinners. I guess it's the sharing. The conversation doesn't even have to be that great...heheh.. So lately I kind of cling to these things and enjoy each moment ...
Here is the knitting I'm working on this morning while listening to some music before work. My Icarus shawl is growing little by little. You can now see the little lacy edging.. I'm almost finished with chart 3... I love how the lace looks all crunchy before it's blocked.

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