Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Icarus report

Yesterday after work I picked up this little project bag at Michaels. Of course I used my 50% coupon... It's just perfect for one large skein of yarn. I has a little hole on each end so you can thread the yarn through and is long enough for a set of shorter straight needles. I was hoping it would fit my smaller glass spindle too but it's just a little short.. darn that would have been perfect. Anyway my socks or shawl projects fit perfectly inside. (^_^)

The Icarus report: I had to change needles for the 3rd time.The first set of needles were straight with a dull finish and very pointy tips. Some where around Chart#2 there were too many stitches for these needles so I changed to 2 metal circulars with rubber protectors on one end of each. This was good for the amount of stitches and the metal tips let me slide the stitches easily.. but they slid too easily and some stitches were just sliding right off the needles and were very hard to pick up. I almost had a disaster so I changed needles again to 2 wood 26" long circulars with rubber protectors on one end of each. Now the stitches stay put.. it takes me a bit longer to slide all the stitches as I'm knitting and sometimes the stitches pile up on top of each other but now I feel safer... No more dropped microscopic stitches that are impossible to pick up again.

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