Sunday, August 06, 2006

Its amazing what u can find when u start digging in the closet...I quess not getting rid of yarn or fabric or any other craft supply when u think your not going to ever use it again can have some benefits.. It can also create the problem of where to store it.... well anyway.. i discovered that on a shelf full of cone yarns dating back to... cough.. i don't know when.. there was some mohair blend lace weight yarn in an offwhite and there must be a gazillion yards of it.. the picture doesn't do the size of the cone justice.... and then ... the smaller pink yarn... which seems to be a nylon or rayon tiny boucle' type yarn with a good amount of yardage..... i see a lot of lace projects.. without ever having to leave the house ( except for food .. and NYGK.) not even having to go to the yarn store....0.0... wait.. that's not good...!!!

panic hit me and i had to make a fast run to the yarn store.... shew relief....nothing like a run to your LYS to lift your spirits and calm the panic....... you would think after finding that giant cone of lace wieght yarn that i would never have to buy lace yarn ever again... but... in a basket right near the register there was the most beautiful mohair lace yarn from colinette..colourway..( just arrived!!) that some how made it into my bag.. with more small stitch markers, size 7 short dbl needles and some cascade 220 in deap pinks with a bit of green....sigh..

and here is the lovely Abagail getting prettier every day... (i tried to post this picture the other day when i finished her sweater but blogger had gas or something.....

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