Friday, August 04, 2006

mOviNg.. fOrWaRd..bAbY

OMG more baby stuff.. I have become the baby knitter...>.<... well there is one good thing about knitting baby items.. they are small and work up really fast... (makes me think i'm knitting more than i really am) and babies seem to like what ever u make for them.. well they never complain..
This is the baby bolero from One skein. There are such cute projects in this book.. I have my eye on a few other projects in it that im thinking of making for Christmas presents...

and... here is another.. baby sweater... on the needles... i'm using caron simply soft u knit... it goes through soft color changes.... very nice.. i think i like it...

to continue... i haven't given up on my black lace... i ripped back 2 more rows last night very carefully and i think i am back on track.... the right amount of stitches are on the needles now inbetween each marker and i think i know which row i'm on.. i ripped back a whole pattern repeat (10 rows).. but oooo well.... it's still at this point ---> .

there is a mystery brewing...a search.. a discovery....a question... all in my next post.. `0.0`

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