Monday, August 14, 2006

wHy woUlD i dO tHiS...???

With all the yarn i have in my house... why would i want to do this!!?.. cut up grocery bags to make yarn.. to then crochet the bag yarn into a purse...hummm. 65 grocery bags to be exact... i guess I'm doing my part to recycle.. but still.. 65 bags..!!!
well this is where i found this idea that seemed so wonderful at the time.. and here is the purse i hope to make after all this bag cutting and winding is done...

Yesterday I posted the crochet puff baby blanket that I'm working on... but didn't give my pattern source....the pattern came from "Easy Knit & Crochet ideas".. a magazine by woman's day.. I think u can purchase it from the lion brand website.. (^_^)

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Dipsy said...

This is certainly a fantastic idea to recycle grocery bags, and wow, the bag you're planning to make looks great! I assume it's a true killer cutting up all these bags - but the result will be worth it! Happy cutting! ;)