Sunday, August 13, 2006

puFFs aNd MoRe PuFfs..

The BAby kNitter strikes again....Here is the begining of my Puff Dreams baby afghan.. I'm using lion brand velvetspun in pastel yellow and white... its so soft like cotton puffs... I have made this before and i wouldn't call it an afghan but more of a carriage cover...this works up really fast... it would be good as a last minute shower gift...u just need to keep track of your puffs ... on alternate puff rows there are 10 puffs and then on the next puff row 11 puffs.. otherwise a very easy pattern.. of lots of puffs

well... last night i went to a yarn swap hosted by megaknits of NYGK... and this is what i took home... some bolero 100% wool..(maybe i can felt a purse).. and some very nice opal sock yarn...and look what i found!!... more baby stuffs!!! ....for those of u that don't know what a yarn swap is.. very simple.. u bring yarn that u haven't used or left overs from projects that u haven't figured out what to do with.. and u swap it with other peoples left over "don't know what to do with" yarn...

and..yes... just a day hanging out on WoW.. with Muunin...she is a night elf druid and I'm a lil gnome warrior..... we are lvl 5 atm... running in the forrest.. killing beasts and monsters... oooo my!!!

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KattyKatFlash said...

Will you share your pattern for the puff blanket or let me know where I can get it from? :0)