Saturday, August 26, 2006

Projects are just flying off the needles and hooks.. the li'l monkey afghan is working up really fast... all of my blocks are done and i will be working on sewing them all together today... I made one little monkey head and need to make 2 more and embroider the faces on.. tack them on to the choosen blocks and crochet the edging...(one monkey head is for the hat)...

my felted projects are finished.. i re-measured them and there is only 1/2 difference in the size from the pre-felted size.. yet the are definately felted and thicker.. who knows..!? well that's all for now as i get back to finishing up the little monkey heads... today is Saturday and Rudy and I go out for a nice dinner and some drinks.. it's our saturday ritual...and of course i have to bring a purse size project... i usually knit something under the table as we sit and chat and sip our drinks...and wait for dinner.. we will be making a stop at sip and knit today too.. check it out..!!(^_^)

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