Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today was a quiet day of knitting...did some errands.. helped with a school project...
my fridge decided it was tired of making ice and hasn't produced any at all today.. quess I'll have to call the appliance repair guy tomorrow... sigh.. well here is what I accomplished on my knitting so far today.. I'm knitting a vest with patons pebbles yarn... this is the 3rd try..and it seems to be working this time.. I kept changing my needles size .. first it was too big .. then it was too tight and had a rubbery feel to it .. and now its just about right.. you are probably saying .. omg didn't u do a gauge swatch.. well yes i did.. and it was pretty much right on the mark.. but.. I'm rather petite and the smallest size of this vest is a bit large for me .. so I went to smaller needles..which made my knitted fabric rather hard .. I had knit a good 12" before I decided to stop... rip and start again.... so.. this is the point I'm at right now.... but the story doesn't end there... the history of this yarn is.... I found it at the dollar store a while back... and had originally seen it at joanns at a much higher price... So how could i pass that up...!!!.. the thing is.. the yarn looks so soft and one of my favorite colors... but.. and there is a big but... it has a little tiny bit of wool in it... only 9% but dang it has to be the most itchy scratchy wool in the world .. how could only 9% of wool be so prickly...but.. I knit on.. !!!!

....and lil Abigail is looking so cute!!

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